First chapter

Today is the first blank page of 365-page book…. I’ve always hated that phrase, and I still do, but I have been planning this blog for a while and it seems like a good day to kick it off. It’s a Monday and the first day of a new year, so it makes sense really. 365-posts seems ambitious but sure we’ll see how we fare!

I love reading, would do it all day long if I could but the reality is I got bills to pay. I wouldn’t consider myself a prolific reader, on account of all those bills, but I have built up a considerable stock pile for review and I’ve already started planning my 2018 list. In 2017, my Goodreads target was 25 books for the year. I got through 27, which I was very pleased with. It was a very good year for books, I was on a roll of great reads. I will be publishing reviews of these in the coming months, as well as reviews of my 2018 reads. For the most part I read fiction but I have a fairly eclectic taste. This year I have more non-fiction books on my lists, and I expect it to be slower going on account of that. But stick with me!

Always open to suggestions, so feel free to let me know what you’re enjoying.

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